Daniel Ogechi Akujobi Memorial Foundation is a charitable, humanitarian, and non-governmental organization established in 2006, in memory of Master Daniel Ogechi Akujobi (1992-2005) who died from injuries he sustained in a fatal highway accident on his way back to school along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, Ogun State Nigeria. He was the only son of his parents.
The Foundation is dedicated to the enhancement of the education and health of less-privileged children and youths in the society. Since its establishment six years ago, the Foundation has offered scholarship to a number of vulnerable but intelligent children in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. It has also undertaken various life improving programs including de-worming of children, mentorship, educational, nutritional and psycho-social support to over 8,400 children and youths in the society.

It is engaged in the enhancement of primary healthcare centers in rural areas and supports in the building & equipment of Accident & Emergency Response Centers along major highways in the Federation to save the lives of accident and trauma victims.
Currently, the Foundation has renovated and upgraded two primary healthcare Centers in Imo and Ogun States respectively and has built its first Accident & Emergency Centre in the Obafemi-Owode LGA, Ogun State. The DOAMF Accident & Emergency Centre is very close to the site of the unfortunate accident that claimed the life of the late Daniel Ogechi.


To improve the quality of life of the less-privileged for a better society.


To support the provision of education and healthcare services to the less privileged children and youths through viable and sustainable programs for a better society.


A:Educational Programs

Education remains the leading antidote to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger even as the world strives to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of providing universal primary education for every child. In the bid to ensure that less privileged children & youths in the society gain access to qualitative education the Foundation has identified 4 core areas of interest to support the less privileged children and youths in the society.

A1: Scholarship Management Program

In a bid to ensure that less privileged children & youths in the society gain access to qualitative education, the Foundation offers scholarship opportunities to orphans, less-privileged & vulnerable children that are in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions across the country.

A2: L.E.A.D Program

The Leadership Education Aspiration and Development Program is an annual event that takes the Foundation to public primary and secondary schools in Nigeria. The goal of the L.E.A.D Program is to encourage less privileged children to aspire to become better students and responsible citizens to enable them break the cycle of poverty by providing access to quality & affordable education, mentorship programs, nutritional and psychosocial support.

A3: Library Project “Read to Succeed”

One of the daunting challenges in the Nigerian Educational System is the lack of reading culture in schools, especially public schools. Research has shown that no society can develop beyond the knowledge base of its citizens. The poor reading culture prevalent in public schools needs to be reversed as it inhibits the country’s economic development. DOAM Foundation seeks to address this issue by  establishing and equipping libraries in public schools to promote a book culture aimed at improving the reading and writing habits of students, in addition to developing their communication skills.

A4: Back to School (BTS) Program

The Back to School Program (BTS) is a DOAMF program which has been operating since 2006 to help poor families meet school costs for their wards/children. The BTS program provides gifts from corporate organizations and partners to students in need. These gifts include items such as school uniforms, shoes, school bags, stationery items and other educational materials.



B1:   Renovation & Upgrade of Primary Healthcare Centres in Remote Rural Communities

 In line with the Millennium Development Goals to reduce child mortality rate, improve maternal health and combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases the Foundation is focused on partnering with Primary Health Care centers in rural communities. Through this program training & development of health care providers, provision of medical supplies, equipment and upgrade of Primary Health Care centers shall ensue.

B2:  Support In The Provision Of Emergency Response Centres In Major Highways In Nigeria

The Foundation is focused primarily on providing timely intervention to victims of road accidents by supporting in establishing or equipping existing Emergency Response Centres/First-Aid Centres along major highways in the Federation. The Foundation in partnership with Diamond Bank Plc has built its first Accident & Emergency Centre in the Obafemi-Owode LGA, Mowe, Ogun State.

B3:   Equipment Of Sickbays In Public Primary & Secondary Schools

In an effort to contribute in addressing the challenge of health issues in public schools, The Daniel Ogechi Akujobi Memorial Foundation (DOAMF) has embarked on the “Project Equip Sickbays”, a school health program designed to equip sickbays in    public schools.

B4:  De-worming Program & Health Support Services In Poor Communities

DOAM Foundation through its community service program partners with interested stakeholders both in the public and private sector to undertake special projects in poor communities. These projects include, donation of food items, clothes, c orphanages, of nutritional and mentorship support de-worming of children and youths, kidney, HIV awareness programs, Health walks, Kidney checks, eye checks and other health related issues.


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