DOAMF’s Medical Outreach Lands at Isiala-Mbanu LGA….

DOAM Foundation stormed the Five (5) villages (i.e. Umuduru, Ugiri, Ugwuala, Umuohiri & Ezike) within Osu-Achara Community, Isiala-Mbanu LGA, Imo state on March 24, 2017 with its ‘Healthy Living Program’ in form of a one-day free medical outreach.


The objective of this outreach was to provide healthcare solutions to the rampant health issues prevalent among the less privileged. Our focus was to address the root causes, provide prompt and immediate intervention/treatments of various ailments such as blood pressure/hypertension, malaria, indigestion, joint pain and vitamins deficiencies, etc.



The venue for this outreach being Ezike Community Health Centre, Osu-Achara, Isiala-Mbanu LGA, Imo state was impressively filled with over 500 patients all treated for various ailments. Even as the outreach was designed particularly to give health attention to hypertensive patients, it was recorded that over 100 patients were treated for hypertension alone even as other health ailments were equally attended to.

Our sincere appreciation goes to JB Pharmaceuticals Ltd for their support through the donation of some relevant drug supplies.

During the program, one of the beneficiaries went into labor and was delivered of a baby boy by the medical team. Beyond the treatment of blood pressure/Hypertension, arrangement was made for the treatment of Malaria, Indigestion, Diabetes, Vitamins deficiencies, etc. through the provision of Antacid, Anti-diabetic, Anti-malarial, Analgesics

It was indeed a fulfilling day for the Foundation and the beneficiaries at Ezike community health centre.


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