DOAMF at Leper’s Settlement

In this present time, it is not unnoticed that those infected by leprosy are still perceived as a scourge and are isolated in many parts of the world, including Nigeria which has recently been identified as the third largest country burdened with leprosy in Africa according to the latest the World Health Organisation’s Global Health Observatory Data repository.

Often times, People Affected with Leprosy (PAL) are not only ostracized from their immediate environment but also in the society at large. Regardless of leprosy being proven as a non-highly contagious and incurable disease, the degree of stigmatization that comes with it clearly points out that those infected are still side lined from the benefits attached to being considered socially fit. The social stigmatization suffered by those infected with this disease cannot be under-emphasized even as the resultant attitude has denied them of their rights to the dignity of the human person, to the development of their full potential, as well as participation in the development of the society.


Some of the infected males



Some of the PAL expressing their joy and appreciation








At DOAM Foundation, even as we have over the years continued to weave a tapestry of hope for the less-privileged in our society, our flagship program in 2017 was the execution of a DOAMF Community Health and Development Project were we visited and donated some food supplies, drug supplies, clothing’s, toiletries, provisions, etc. to the Lepers Settlement at Elega, Abeokuta, Ogun State on Thursday, March 9, 2017.


Section view of some of the infected people, their caregivers and DOAM representatives at the presentation of the donation items

During this visit, we not only met with those infected with leprosy but we also shared some irreplaceable close connections and moments of fun and laughter. Our vision to improve the quality of life of the less-privileged in the society is not a far-fetched dream and we believe that together we can do more.

DSCN0568.JPGIt is important to note that less-privileged persons require our positive blend of compassion and a conscious action to be involved in the rebuild of their lives and restoration of hope to them and the communities disadvantaged by the impact of various suffering.


DOAMF representatives, an infected mother ans her two weeks old baby girl







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