On September 24, 2014 DOAM Foundation held a skill acquisition program for less privileged widows and women. The event was held at the Foundation’s office situated at #36, Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi Lagos.
DSC_0159 Final Products

Final Product Display


Sixteen women took part in the event and they were empowered on how to make liquid soap and air fresher /fragrance.

These skills will hopefully equip them to be self reliant, also if they further push themselves, this will also provide additional sources of income for them and their families.

Less privileged women who lack self-sufficiency become, at a minimum, dependent on charity, or welfare. They lose their self-confidence because they cannot be fully self-supporting. The opportunities denied them also deprive them of the pride of accomplishment which others, who have those opportunities, can develop for themselves. This in turn can lead to psychological, social and even mental health problems.

Empowerment also includes encouraging, and developing the skills for, self-sufficiency, with a focus on eliminating the future need for charity or welfare in the individuals of the group. This process can be difficult to start and to implement effectively, but will a positive attitude coupled with hard work and proper mentor-ship, they could succeed.



Our sincere thanks go to

1. Dufil Prima Foods Plc for donation Power Oil towards the event

2. Golden Paster Company (Golden Penny)n for donating products towards the event

3. UAC Foods Nigeria Plc 4. All the kind hearted individual donors (Mr. Sam Ayininuola, Engr James Olusegun, Mr. Omoruyi Iyamu ,  Prince Obi Emeka).







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