The holiday season is here again. For the pupils, its time to play and relax after the stress of the school year. For them, it’s a period they can enjoy their sleep without their mothers coming to wake them up early. For some parents, too, it’s a temporary relief from the hassles of school runs. However, the holiday season comes with its challenges, especially for working class parents who live in urban centres. Many parents in this category will now be battling with the challenges of how to monitor their children while they are away at work. Some would be thinking of how to gainfully engage them. For some smart Nigerians, including school owners, it’s time to make some money by organizing summer school and skills acquisition schemes. These, however, come at a cost which the parents must bear.

 Experts say in spite of this, parents must ensure that their children are engaged meaningfully. Otherwise, they could use the period for destructive venture because, as the saying goes, the devil finds work for the idle hand.

In order to keep them busy during this period, many parents have fashioned out positive ways to keep their children out of mischief and trouble while the holiday lasts.

Educationists and parents say pupils must first be taught how to maintain a balance between recreation and academic activities.

There should be a balancing act between recreational pursuits and academic exercise.



Source: The Punch Newspaper








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