Welcome to a new day of hope , we will be starting a new series that tells the story of the remarkable children and youth that have passed through or are still on the Foundation’s scholarship program. We hope that this will give each and everyone something to be thankful for and most importantly appreciate the little things we take for granted.

We will be telling the stories and also giving the testimonies of  some orphaned and vulnerable children who have decided to succeed despite the challenges that they have faced in the past, for them DOAM FOUNDATION has given them the power to soar again and the wings to fly.


My story:

I am Master Edoziem Augustu, I  was born on the 9th of August 1992 to Mr. and Late Mrs. Vitalis Edoziem,  I am the fourth child of five children; I was really fortunate to have been offered a scholarship by the Foundation to study Statistics in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike Abia State in 2012.

I live with my father who is a small time farmer,  his crops are barely enough to feed his family and since my  mother passed away last year  the little aid she was rendering the family died along with her before my dreams of furthering my education could be realized, my sibling and I are finding it extremely difficult to survive with the pittance coming from the small farm,

I wrote my JAMB exams and did well, my WAEC  was also very fine, however, the funds to go to school were unavailable. I was at the point of giving up, however, during my usual sunday visit to church, it was during the service that I heard about the DOAMF scholarship examinations that would be coming up later in the year, I knew i had to take advantage of the opportunity,Hope came beckoning when I was informed that I had been shortlisted to benefit from the scholarship. My happiness knew no bounds as I danced and thanked God for this great opportunity, I was told I would be receiving support through out the duration of my  stay in school, however I had to ensure that i consistently work hard . For me I think working hard certainly has to be a daily affair not just for myself, but for others who have invested in me and given me the chance to be a better person for my family and community.

I remain grateful and humbled by the kindness of the foundation and I promise to always uphold what is right at all times.

Our Observations (DOAMF) : Edoziem is an obedient and respectful lad who is ready and willing to learn, he is finding it difficult to meet his basic needs but that does not affect his education because he is topping his class and making the Foundation, his father and siblings proud of his achievements.

His previous result was excellent with 2 A’s, 8B’s and 2C ‘s.


My Story:

I am Miss Monascholar Ihe, born on the 29th of July 1992 to Late Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Ihe, she hails from Ikeduru LGA Imo Statwas offered scholarship to study Industrial Chemistry at   Tansian University Umunya Anambra State in the year 2012, I am  the sixth child of seven children. Since the demise of my father five years ago, it has become increasingly difficult for my mothers to sustain the family on the tomatoes she sells for a living. The living condition of my family is an eyesore due to the fact that we cannot afford decent accommodation and have to cope with the little my mother makes from her business. I have the desire to overcome all the obstacles I face, however, without proper education, I may never realize all my potentials, since I certainly cannot hope on my poor mother to send me to school.  I was  very happy to have qualified for the scholarship from DOAM Foundation,  I knew I had to work extra hard to secure a place on the list , as there were so many students like me hoping for a chance to be selected.

Life in school has been very good, I look forward to every new day with hope and joy knowing that I have been empowered to rewrite the story of my life.

Our Observations (DOAMF) : Monscholar is making us proud , we admire her focus and we hope she continues to excel. She has been doing very well in all her at school, in her most current result, she bagged a total of 5 As out of the 6 courses she wrote in the last semester.

mona a letter from Miss Monascholar to the Foundation


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